New HVAC Equipment Installation

At Legend Air Heating & Cooling, we try our best to repair the HVAC systems that we believe still have some life in them. However, there are times when a system is too old, too inefficient, or too broken down to repair. In these cases, we work hard to help our customers choose a new system to make their homes comfortable and keep their energy costs low.

Our professional technicians are highly trained and experienced in new system design and installation. We will help you find the perfect system that will run reliably and efficiently for years.

  • Founder and Owner, Jason Melendez, after the installation of an American Standard heating and cooling system.
  • Two experienced technicians from Legend Air finish the installation of a ductless HVAC system.

What Will a New System Cost?

This is usually a customer’s very first question. At Legend Air, we understand that the cost of a new HVAC system is one of the biggest factors in the decision. The good news is that we can evaluate your home and situation and offer a free installation estimate before any work begins. That means you will know up-front how much a new system will cost for your home or office.

For over 10 years, our heating and cooling experts in Little Elm and Frisco have been visiting our customers in person, offering fair and accurate quotes based on needs. This is always the best way to ensure the quote is accurate and takes into account your home’s layout, existing HVAC system, and air ducts. This helps avoid those surprise expenses that other companies are infamous for charging.

  • Jason meets a customer for the very first time in her home.
  • Legend Air explains the details of a new system install to a customer.

Do I Really Need a New System?

Some of our customers are remodeling or building a new home and know they need a new HVAC system to complete the project. Other customers are just trying to restore heating and cooling to their existing homes and are still determining if they really need a new system.

With Legend Air, you don’t have to worry about being “sold” into a system you don’t need. We firmly believe in being honest and open with our customers, including determining if an older system is worth saving.

We provide service calls and troubleshooting to determine if a new air conditioning system is necessary. If it is time to replace your existing HVAC equipment, we will work with you to find the best system to fit your needs and budget. We are also dedicated to helping our customers after the installation by making a long-term commitment to meet their needs for years to come.

Call us today at (214) 985-0268 to speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives.

 Legend Air HVAC installation technician, standing at the back of the truck excited to begin an air conditioner installation.